The A-Z of Film Adaptation

In this new regular feature, I investigate how filmmakers translate literary stories into cinematic ones. Some posts consider a particular film, while others explore ideas and concepts.

You can find all of the entries in this series below.

The A-Z of Adaptation

A is For Audiences

Part One: Money, Mass markets and Film Adaptation

Ever wondered if readers and film audiences are really so different? Does the film industry’s profit motive mean pandering to mass audiences? And does the need to make big bucks affect the type of film adaptations that are made? In the first instalment of a two part feature I look at the demographics of readers and film audiences and explore how the mass-market influences the type of adaptations in production.

The A-Z of Adaptation

A is For Audiences

Part Two: Censorship, Screen Tests and Crowd Pleasing Adaptations

How does the target audience change the content of film adaptations? In this post I explore how film marketing is used to ‘bait’ novel readers and how the desire for mass-market appeal influences the style and content of film adaptations through censorship and screen tests.

The A-Z of Adaptation

B is for Blockbusters

Transmedia Storytelling and Franchise Adaptations

How did simple film adaptions balloon into vast multi-platform franchise adaptations? And how are studios and filmmakers using transmedia storytelling to build vast fictional worlds and brands? Why do young adult novels make great franchise source material? And are mega franchises – like Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter – changing film criticism?

The A-Z of Adaptation

C is for Christmas Carol

Laying claim to the most adaptations of any story in the English language, A Christmas Carol reveals how a story’s ‘essential’ components change and shift over time.

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