Companion Pieces.

Companion Pieces is a series of 10-15 minute reads exploring cinematic and literary parallels. You can find a list of all the instalments so far below.

Companion Pieces No. 3

MALE fantasy in


In 1999 two iconic films enticed us into a world of male fantasy. While American Beauty goes little beyond broad gender stereotypes today, the Virgin Suicides continues to expose the harmful effects of the self-centred male daydream.

Companion Pieces No. 2

kids with guns in

monos and piranhas

As teenage gangs and knife crime become familiar news stories, two exciting filmmakers expose the frenetic energy and naivety of youth by putting weapons in the hands of their fresh-faced casts. In this feature I explore how Monos and Piranhas portray the complicated transition into adulthood and what these films can tell us about teenage life today.

Companion Pieces No. 1

Home Comforts and Guilty Consciences in

The sisters Brothers and the ballad of Buster scruggs

I explore the links between Patrick deWitt’s novel The Sisters Brothers, Jacques Audiard’s recent film adaptation and the Coen brothers’ The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs. Taken together, these three journeys through the American west reveal how greed, grief and a guilty conscience can be soothed by the simple comforts of family, friendship and home.

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